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Alamo Heights: Excellent Services, Natural Beauty and Sense of CommunityAlamo Heights became a municipality on June 20, 1922, but with no city charter and a government that consisted of a mayor, five aldermen and a town marshal. The population stood at about 3,000 in an area that extended only as far north as Tuxedo Avenue. Bluebonnet Hills was annexed in 1928 and Sylvan Hills completed the current northern boundary when it was annexed in 1944.

From its earliest days, the city government focused on providing modern services without destroying the character of Alamo Heights as a residential area. Ordinances restricted business activity to those that provided convenience for residents and limited businesses to defined districts. Building and zoning codes restricted buildings to two stories and assured open spaces, natural light and greenery.

Historian T.R. Fehrenbach characterized the city by saying, “Alamo Heights, whatever else it is, reflects three qualities: good government, stable neighborhoods and a feeling of intimacy.” It has a character that goes back to its beginning as the home of George Brackenridge and Charles Anderson who loved its hills, beautiful trees and twisting roads.

Alamo Heights ISD Subdivisions

Alamo Heights
Crownhill Park
Lincoln Heights
Meadow Wood Estates
Olmos Park
Terrell Heights
Terrell Hills
Sunset Road Area


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