Selling Your Home

There are 3 questions sellers ask first:

  • What is the value of my home?
  • How long will it take you to sell my home?
  • What are you going to do to get my home sold?

Home Value

This short video will explain how to start the process of selling your home with no obligation or cost to find out the current value of your home.



Days on Market

The average days on market for the San Antonio area is approximatly 55 days in the San Antonio area.

It is important to understand that selling your home in a timely manor has a direct relationship with price and condition of your home.

Impact of not pricing in the market:

Sellers sometimes think, “If the home doesn’t sell for this price, I can always lower it later.” However, research proves that homes that experience a listing price reduction sit on the market longer, ultimately selling for less than similar homes.  The longer it sits, the staler it becomes to the marketplace. You may end up having to reduce the price — sometimes more than once. As agents or buyers flip through listings, they may simply ignore yours because the “days on market” is so high. They’ll assume something must be wrong with it and move on to the next listing.

Why should I choose Tucker and his team to sell my property?

Tucker Haynes / Travis Shaw Realty has only one focus.

You and your goal to sell your home!

Our Priorities are:

  • To attract as many qualified buyers as possible into your property until it is sold.
  • To effectively communicate the results of our activities.
  • To work with you in negotiating the highest dollar value for your home.
  • To provide you with professional service and leave you with a positive experience.

What will you do differently to sell my home?


Tucker Haynes / Travis Shaw Realty have strong internet exposure in the area. Your home is listed on several top real estate search sites on the Web, such as:,,,,, etc.  Each of our websites captures information on users so Tucker and his team can actively prospect them. We work to convert the leads to appointments by prospecting the leads daily.

MLS Marketing

A major oversight that Realtors make in today’s market is that they are not using leverage to their advantage. With a large percentage of sales coming from cooperating agents in the MLS Tucker and his team leverage those agents who have potential buyers and market to them.

  • Property flyer campaign to attract more broker participation.
  • Prospect cooperating agents daily to promote your property and increase showings.
  • Call all top producing agents in our MLS who have sold similar homes in the area.
  • Top of mind awareness! We take professional grade pictures to assure your property is represented properly.

Internet Marketing

We utilize social media websites and pay per click services to market potential buyers based on demographics from across the united states who are interested in moving into our area.

Active Lead Generation

In today’s market, there are not enough leads walking through the door. We accept the responsibility of creating demand for your property and have assembled an effective lead generation program to do so.  We work with large lead generation companies who provide contact information on current buyers in the market so that we can solicit them on your behalf.  Our agents actively and aggressively prospect and follow up on these leads. 

  • List properties on Craigslist with a link to our Web sites.
  • Prospect people who rent properties like yours looking for those ready to make a purchase.
  • We promote your property to other owners in your community or building in hopes a friend or family member is looking to make a purchase in the same area.

Email blasts

  • Weekly email blasts to top producing agents.  
  • Blast the flyer of every new listing to a database of people who are interested in the New Braunfels Area.

Communication is Success

  • We discuss pricing, condition and marketing prior to listing your home to make sure we create the right sales strategy for you and your property.  
  • We are with you every step of the way.
  • We communicate a minimum of every two weeks to give you updates and activity reports.  
  • We update you every time your property is shown and share the comments of the buyer and the other agent.  You will find out how the prospects feel about your price, the condition and more.  
  • We update you when other properties sell and discuss repositioning.  
  • We are always available via email and phone to answer your questions. We are quick to respond.

In conclusion, we at Tucker Haynes / Travis Shaw Realty understand the current market and make the adjustments necessary to produce sales.  We are committed to our client relationships and remain active throughout the entire process until your property is sold.  We would like the opportunity to discuss your marketing needs and to demonstrate how we can get your property sold as quickly as possible while providing you the best value for your home!