As a New Braunfels, TX Real Estate Agent with Homes for sale in New Braunfels and San Antonio Areas it is very competitive when it comes to selling homes.  In order to make sure you have competitive advantage over other real estate for sale in New Braunfels it is key that you have a home selling strategy for every property.

Homes for sale in Texas require a well thought out plan and Tucker Haynes works hard at the key factors for selling success.  This is a short overview of those things we think are important to remain competitive as a Texas Realtor.

First Impressions means everything when it comes to selling a home from advertising to the buyer entering the house. There are a number of factors that have to be there in order to get the potential buyer to start thinking about making an offer on your home.

·    Pricing your home right is a huge factor in getting someone to want to look at your home and make the effort to set up a viewing.  There are so many tools available to buyers that allow them to check the validity of your listing price that if you are asking for more that it is worth you will miss out on many opportunities for showings.  It also will usually cause you to have your home on the market for more days and odds are you will get less for your home.

·    Curb Appeal becomes the next important factor in selling a home.  Many buyers will drive your neighborhood wanting to see what it might be like to live in and check out your home for first impressions.  Does the buyer mentally see themselves living in your home is a key to getting them to the next step in the process…The Showing.  So, working to make sure your landscaping and home maintenance have been done before listing is huge in selling your home.  Buyers are looking for what is wrong with the house when they walk through them so a home with a long list of opportunities falls to the bottom of a buyers list.

·    Interior updates add good value to your home and leave a positive impression with buyers.  Fresh paint can make a worn house look and feel like new quickly and with new paints come one coat features that make painting a quicker to do than the old days.  New Fixtures such as faucets and light fixtures to give a updated home look can go along way and may not cost as much as you might think.  Some folks go as far as to replace switch and plug plates along with switches and plug to leave the impression of new in older homes.

·    Exterior updates would be things like outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, new mailbox or repaint, fresh paint on doors, new door hardware, spray wash driveway, garage floor, patios, curbs and sidewalks.

·    Clean depersonalize and declutter your home from top to bottom.  By cleaning you home with a deep clean it removes odors in your home and gives it a fresh new neutralized scent versus a fish or just cooked bacon smell.  Depersonalizing means taking down pictures and other items that keep the new home buyer from visualizing the home as there’s.  If they see you on every bookshelf or table and counter top they will think about you and your home versus seeing the possibilities of the home and their future in it.  Removing bills and sensitive documents are also a security issue that needs to be addressed.  Nothing reflecting any information about you and your accounts needs to be placed out of site in a discrete location still accessible if needed but out of the view of buyers.

·    Staging a house is more than just calling a company and having them take your furniture out and bringing in a new look.  Staging is for every house not for only those who can afford it.  Make sure each room looks like what it was meant to be such as offices and bedrooms.  If the room is a office due to no closet or doors it needs to be an office.  Move furniture around or remove furniture to make rooms feel larger.  Make the flow of rooms feel efficient and practical.  Staging a house is all about impressions and making it easy to show.

·    Pets are a challenge finding a unrestrictive setup for or removal from the house during showing hours but it is important to perspective buyers for flexibility in showing times and movement within the home.

·    Homeowners remove yourself from the home and go get a coffee or take the kids to a playland so that buyers can walk through the house freely and feel able to discuss the positive and negatives about a home.  Your goal is to get them in the house and hope they will stay there long enough to fall in love with your home.

You would be amazed at the difference in how a home feels when you take this worksheet and do the things that are covered here.  When you can walk into a home and the buyer is focused on looking for features, feeling the comfort of the space and home layout.  There is nothing worse than losing a client’s focus on personal pictures and cluttered spaces trying to figure out happen there.  Staging a home is an art and requires lots of thought and ability of the homeowner to understand that while their home is beautiful it is their home and they are selling not buying and we need it to appeal to the largest audience possible. 

The items above are what make the correct buyer environment possible.  The above items also allow you to get organized for the move ahead and the transition you are going to go through during the sale of your home.

We pride our self in our honesty and ability to tell sellers that while they might like something and think it needs to remain as is in or on the home we will share our thoughts with objectivity towards the purpose we are being hired to accomplish. 

Tucker Haynes | Realtor®